Introduction to Global Career Lecture Series
Through our relationship with Japanese and international universities and companies, the Global Career Lecture Series helps to raise the students' interest and to develop a clear understanding of world issues. Students acquire knowledge about global issues from expert guest lecturers, actively working in the five key areas: Poverty, Human Rights, the Environment, Diplomacy (leadership), and International Cooperation. The lectures help the students to build up their intellectual foundations for their future career and to obtain up to the minute information about international situations. Afterwards, they submit reports, requiring them to reflect on the lecture and to realize the relationship between themselves and the global issue. Overall, the lectures encourage the students to develop their desire to become more engaged with the world.
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Voice of Students
I was interested in the jobs at the UN, but there are few chances to learn about them, and I had no idea who I should ask. Ms. Ito explained how to become a UN staff member and gave me clear images of their work. (12th grade girl)