Introduction to Global Studies (Yuka Tsuboi)
In Global Studies students study the problems of poverty, human rights and the environment. They report their study results in a school exhibition, presentation meeting, and an essay contest. The students take part in activities related to their themes and then present their own study findings. For example, students who select environmental problems as their theme, shape their solutions from local and global points of view, and propose them to related international organizations.
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Voice of Students
I want to understand about global issues in more depth, and I've been studying them. When I visited South Africa this year, I had a time to think about what I could do to help. I could also learn about other African countries that are not reported on in Japan. It was nice having the opportunity. (10th grade girl)
Watching the videos, listening to the stories, and above all, interacting with the foreign students give me the feeling of being involved and it was very fun. Though I couldn't have actively taken part in other activities, in the Global Studies class I could actually try doing what I had only thought about until then. I've found that trying and doing are important. (10th grade girl)