What Is SGH?


What is Super Global High School (SGH)?
In light of our rapidly globalizing world, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan (MEXT) began offering Super Global High School (SGH) certification for qualified schools in 2014. Selected schools design a curricula for developing future global leaders, whereby students become knowledgeable about social and international issues. Furthermore, students obtain communication, problem solving, and other necessary skills required for developing global human resources.

A MEXT SGH certification provide selected schools with access to mainly domestic universities and companies and international organizations, while also making strides to globalize themselves. Schools are required to demonstrate their efforts for developing human resources, which include the ability to identify and solve problems in global societies. and to become active in global business. The SGHs are making progress in their efforts to develop and practice the qualified curricula, and as a result, they are making improvements in their educational systems.
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A SGH Certification Lasts Five Years
A total of 246 public and private schools applied for the certification, and 56 schools were certified as SGHs. The application process included a hearing and document screening that had a broad range of check list of specifics: the purpose of the plan, the goals and specific objectives, the approach of the administrators, the system for research and development, the costs, the plan and the content of research and development, and so on. The certified schools include 4 national schools, 34 public schools and 18 private schools.