Introduction to ELF
ELF (English as a Lingua Franca), an improved program originating from the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Program, started in 2012 at Tamagawa University for those whose native language is not English. The utilization of English as the Lingua Franca enables communication between persons not sharing a native language. The global number of non-native English speakers is estimated at 80%. ELF is a professional method of learning comprehensive English.
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Voice of Students
In OC II I get the impression that I can develop an ability for practical English conversation as well as an ability for daily English conversation. I took this course because I wanted to be able to speak fluently with foreign people and learn lots of English expressions. In OC II we discuss topics in English and do presentations based on various themes in groups and individually. (12th grade girl)
The OC II class enables us to speak English frequently and this skill cannot be gained in other English classes. I really wanted to communicate with foreign students so I took this class. Recently I’ve been preparing for our next presentation by making scripts, posters and also doing some quizzes. (12th grade boy)
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    September 30, 2014