Introduction to Visit to Goethe-Gymnasium, Germany
One overseas study tour program is held at the Goethe-Gymnasium, which is one of the oldest schools in Frankfurt, Germany, and has had a relationship with Tamagawa Academy since 1989. This program is offered to 9th-12th graders, and about 15 Tamagawa students visit there every year. The students homestay with the family of a Goethe-Gymnasium student and attend classes with the host family's children. Also, the students visit Frankfurt with Goethe-Gymnasium students and have a hands-on experience of German culture. After the students return from their homestay they hand in a report and present their achievements.
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  • 2014.09.04-15
Voice of Students
I first delivered a presentation in English, and it was hard. But I had a good experience. Though I was worried about Germany before leaving Japan, I was so happy to meet and talk to my buddy and her family. (10th grade girl)
It was a very good experience to communicate with people who speak a foreign language. If I have another chance, I'd like to go there and develop our relationships more. (9th grade girl)