Introduction to African Studies
African Studies is an overseas civics, training program for 12th graders (This should read "4th year high school students") where they can study poverty and human rights in developing countries. The students visit Botswana and South Africa and interact with the people to gain real life experience of what life is like there. The themes covered in the training are historical problems and the current state of Africa, such as the influence of Nelson Mandela, the forefront of investing in Africa, life in the slums and the African environment. After the training, the student submit a written report, make a Power Point presentation, and enter the JICA Essay Writing Contest, which gives greater importance towards their reflection and the presentation of their study results. Later, a research interview about them will take place.
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  • 2014.7.25-8.4
Voice of Students
There are the same kinds of social problems for children in Botswana and Japan. I wasn't that interested in the present situation in Japan, but now I am. And I think we have to do something about them. It was a strange feeling when I was thinking about Japan even in Africa. My experience will be useful when I try to help other countries in the future. (12th grade girl)
I've decided to study the gap between developed countries and developing ones, and look for what can bring smiles to children's faces. I've got new ideas and want to set new goals in Africa. I hope other students will take chances like this. (12th grade girl)