Introduction to Tamagawa International Conference (Ayami Yokoyama)
The Tamagawa International Conference is held once a year in Japan as a Round Square conference, which is an international federation of private schools. Its participants consist about 300 high school students from around the world. This student-centered conference, which started in the summer of 2013, offers group discussions about the environment, presentations of studies, and voluntary work. By discussing world issues with their peers, students widen their views, improve their communication skills, and benefit from having to utilize their English and problem-solving skills in order to become active members in international societies. The applicants, made up of 9th-12th graders, interact with other students their age, and look at the world together.
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Voice of Students
I think it is important to make use of the leadership experience that I obtained in this conference, both in university and after graduation. I'm going to use it not only on campus but also in the world. (12th grade boy)
I think this conference is the place where we can find our hidden abilities. Through communication and discussions, we found and broke down new barriers again and again. It was beneficial that we could improve each other here. (11th grade girl)