Introduction to Model United Nations and Section MUN
Model United Nations and Section MUN both simulate how solutions are resolved in a UN conference, and students apply a holistic study approach to the following five main themes: poverty, human rights, environment, diplomacy and international cooperation. This is a regular class that is offered as a general course and as an IB course. The students use only English in Model United Nations activities, develop global points of view, and obtain communication skills, subject expertise, and leadership. Starting in 2014, the following topics were covered.

Topic 1: Towards reform of the UN Security Council
Topic 2: Climate change and energy security
Topic 3: The scenario for the elimination of nuclear weapons

After extensive discussions of these topics, the students present their summarized opinions and proposals about Japanese diplomacy and international organizations.
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Voice of Students
Whenever I took part in the activity, I felt that my English and research skills were not enough. So, that motivated me to study more. In each activity, the other students always inspired me, and these activities played a large part of my school life. (11th grade girl)
During the conference-style talks, I was overwhelmed by others' aggressiveness and couldn't negotiate at all. So I felt like giving up over and over. But thanks to teachers' encouraging advice and support, I think I've become more assertive than before. I hope to go to college overseas, and this experience will be useful there. If you don't have the courage to say something in a meeting or class, or if you are good at negotiation, I hope you come to the Model United Nations to build these skills! (12th grade boy)