Long-term perspectives to practice in management and life

October 17, 2018

A special project of the “SUPER GLOBAL CAREER Lecture series” was held as a joint project of SGH (Super Global High School) and SSH (Super Science High School).
There were activity reports by representative students of SGH and SSH, a lecture by Kunio Yamada, president of ROHTO Pharmaceuticals, and a roundtable discussion in which volunteer students participated. The students had a fulfilling time.


All the high school students gathered in the gymnasium. Following the introduction of the presenter by the student host, the SSH research report started.

11th grader Aoi Arai’s research theme was “Influence of fine particles on the solar spectrum”. He reported the result of his experiment, in which he proposed fine “atmospheric aerosol particles” can mitigate global warming by suppressing sunlight, while struggling with difficulty under certain conditions.


Yuka Shibuya, a 12th grader, from SGH introduced her report “South Africa’s Current Situation of Welfare for Disabled Persons”. Following a brief history of South Africa, she explained the situation and her feelings she when visiting there. She then talked about her thoughts on the future of South Africa.


The students at the venue listened to each presentation seriously. As the students were learning from their fellow students, their empathy and interest in the activities increased.


After the presentation, the question and answer session took place. The students interaction helped them understand the issues more clearly.


Mr. Yamada, the next lecturer, was watching the interaction of the students with a degree of curiosity.

Afterwards, Mr. Yamada was greeted with a welcome song and entered. ” I felt it was wonderful though I was a bit overwhelmed by the amazing atmosphere.” Mr. Yamada said with a gentle smile and relaxed atmosphere spread through the venue.


“First of all, how many of you know the name of ROHTO Pharmaceuticals?” A lot of hands come up in response to Ms. Yamada ‘s question.


commercials and photos of Rohto products were shown, Students made comments like, “This commercial is interesting, isn’t it?” “Oh! I use that!” and “It is also ROHTO’s! ” The students were drawn into Mr. Yamada’s story while realizing they had an actual connection to ROHTO.



“We are currently competing in the recreational medical business by gathering excellent researchers from abroad. We are concentrating on making Japanese companies, especially laboratories more global.”
“Our job is not solely to sell eye drops and skin care products but I think that our work helps people live long and healthy lives.

Mr. Yamada has actively expanded into new fields centering on skincare-related products since taking office as president in 1999 and has achieved record earnings for the company. His thoughts on the business that supports his success reached the students’ hearts.



Mr. Yamada introduced not only the company’s business but also his own younger days with humorous stories.
The pressure he felt succeeding to the company presidency, when he was skiing and became absorbed in the charm of nature and the mountains, events and frustrations he felt when he was studying at university.

The students felt courage in the stories of Mr. Yamada’s youth and appreciated his growth as an individual.


“This universe is unlimitedly wide, deep and full of wonder. I think there are a lot of things we do not understand and there may be things to worry about, but let’s face up to the things we do not understand. Every moment in our lifetime, we should be alive. ”
The message was full of the desire for the students to head towards the future with awareness.


In the question and answer session, students raised their hands quickly and wanted to ask a lot of questions. It was very exciting. Questioning things from Roto Pharmaceutical’s concerns to life troubles, students enjoyed the dialogue with Mr. Yamada.

“How can we live lives with awareness?”
“It is a feeling that everything is coming in. Some things you don’t want may be happening now, but they will benefit you.”
“Yes, the universe is wide! Do not worry!”
These were some of the things said at this time


When Mr. Yamada responded to the students, it raised a lot of laughs and the venue developed a very warm atmosphere.
The students received their own types of awareness.


About 15 students gathered at the roundtable discussion after the lecture and the students asked questions face to face with Mr. Yamada.

“Is there a good way to deal with things that go wrong?”
“I have no great leadership skills, but what is important to help people work together?
“I am indecisive, so I do not know what to believe and decide. How do you decide what to believe and what decisions to make, Mr. Yamada?”

Mr. Yamada responded to the questions and gave options and vision in order for the students to understand how to overcome their troubles.
The Students came face to face with their troubles were able to calmly assess them. Their faces changed to be more optimistic with this realization.


“Life is long. Let’s live this life without thinking about short term difficultly. Such a feeling was transmitted to the students from Mr. Yamada.
The students who broadened their view of life were able to better propel themselves towards the future, not being trapped by the troubles facing them.