Global Studies

Motivation for Mutual Learning

December 23, 2017

“The 2nd Kanto-Koshinetsu Shizuo Area’s Super Global High School Research Presentation Meeting” was held. 22 students from SGH designed schools in the Kanto-Koshinetsu area and Shizuoka prefecture spoke about their research on global social and business issues.


Approximately 360 participants from the schools gathered for the opening ceremony. At the venue, which was the auditorium of Rikkyo University, there was excitement and tension in the air as students realized their presentations would be starting soon and their enthusiasm for learning was noticable.


Presentations were held in presentation-style and poster session style. From Tamagawa Gakuen, six high school students who took the “Global Studies” class participated. They talked about the research they did on each theme.

In the first presentation, a 1st year high school student presented about a report titled “The Relationship Between Iran and Saudi Arabia and Its Meaning in the Middle East” in English.


The content was very current with the present situation in the Middle East and dealt with things such as politics and religion, and also showed the students personal opinions. He impressed the audience with the power of his speech, dignified attitude, and strong enthusiasm.


Even in the question and answer session with the Rikkyo University’s faculty members after the presentation, he firmly communicated his ideas and confirmed the issues which needed further research.


After the presentation was over, students presenting at poster sessions began their preparations.
Students from Tamagawa Gakuen presented a wide range of themes, including fair trade, medical technology, refugee problems, English education, and environmental problems. Three students gave their presentations in Japanese and two in English.


“I have been studying since last year about what kind of education should be done to increase fair trade’s recognition.”
A student who was conducting her research on the premise of implementing fair trade classes at the school explained her feelings to the students and visitors from other schools who came to hear the story.


A 1st grade student who decided to study abroad next year developed her views on English education from the viewpoint of the significance of high school students participating in international conferences. She also enjoyed discussions with native faculty members who listened to her presentation and was able to display her fluent English in a practical setting.

Students listened to each other’s presentation and absorbed new knowledge while also exchanging opinions. Even with similarly themed presentations they were able to see different viewpoints on the issue.


After all research presentations were over, participants again gathered at the auditorium for the result of the overall review and the awards ceremony.
In the awards ceremony, a prize was awarded to a student of Tamagawa Gakuen who received a gold medal from among 28 pairs of presentations in English.


“Since I am still in my first year and there is still time to learn more, I want to further my research next year.” The speech he gave was quite impressive and the students admired his ability.


The experience of working with daily classes and receiving feedback from many other people such as students at other schools and university teachers was a great energizer for the students to pursue their next line of inquiry.

The facial expressions of the students as they left the school building were shining like the Christmas decorations on the campus and a newfound confidence was apparent in them.