“Pride” connected the visitors with student’s feeling for the world

September 15, 2018

From September 15th to 16th, Tamagawa Academy’s “Pegasus Festival” (school festival) was held.
Under the theme of “Tenma Gyouku ~Shining Ourselves ~”, the students showcased the activities of their classes, committees, clubs and research projects, with the goal of “making each individual person shine by expanding imagination and enhancing each other”.


While displaying various exhibitions and stage performances, the students showed the results of their efforts related to the school Super Global High School (SGH) program.


A record of the students’ activities, reports and photos was posted on panels in a classroom. Corners were set up for “African Studies”, “European Studies”, “Round Square” and “Model United Nations”.
Students who acted as guides invited visitors in and spoke about their experiences and thoughts.



Comments such as:
“The residences of rich and poor people are clearly separated by this road.”
“There are stray dogs in the area where the poor live and cars driving too fast. That is very dangerous” were heard.

Students who took part in “African Studies” and visited South Africa explained what they felt while there and explained about some of the problems there. Visitors listened carefully to their earnest words.



In the section introducing ‘Round Square’, items created during workshops were exhibited.
Many people were stopping their feet in the panel, which was written ideas to collect clothes to deliver to refugees and in a filter that cleans muddy water, a design drawing, in a picture recording the state under construction.


In the exhibition about “environment” which is one of the themes of the SGH program, the students devised a way for visitors to think about environmental issues related to them.

The students wanted to share their feelings with many people and to create a better would together. In all of the exhibition corners, the visitors could feel their passion.


Students communicated with visitors and conveyed their experiences through various media.
Along with the “pride” of learning in the SGH program, they were able to deliver their feelings about the world to the visitors.