Model United Nations and Section MUN

Communication to Know the World

July 19, 2014

A Model United Nations session was held during the last program in Round Square Tamagawa International Conference, which lasted for three days from July 17th-July 19th.


Model United Nations is an activity that started at Harvard University in 1923 and was introduced in Japan by Sadako Ogata, an international political scientist. At Tamagawa Academy Model United Nations is a general course, which meets after school on Thursdays, and it is different from the IB course, titled Section MUN, that meets during lunchtime on Wednesdays and is conducted only in English. Through the Model United Nations students study how to express their own ideas and persuade others in a practical way.


Normally, students are assigned roles as a country’s ambassador and argue on its behalf in discussions that addresses global issues. However, this time, after they were divided into three groups, each group had a discussion. Then, they presented resolutions and conducted question and answer periods.



The theme was “Control and Dealing with Endangered Species.” First, each group had a discussion with the ability to use supporting research data. Then, they presented proposals from their own points of view, such as promotion of breeding technology under animal preservation in zoos, and control of non-native species imported as pets. Finally, after the most persuasive one was adopted, the Model United Nations session ended.



Chie Tomita, who selected the Model United Nations’ theme, prepared materials and managed the conference, shared her reflection, “Model United Nations tells me a lot of things. I’m really glad that everyone had a fun time.” “I was not good at taking leadership, but I managed the conference as the chairperson, and this gave me self-confidence and a great sense of accomplishment.”


Yoshiko Motosugi, the vice-chairperson, also shared her thoughts, “Always after I took a part in Model United Nations, I set my mind on studying English more and improving my research skill. Model United Nations is the most important thing that raises my motivation.”

Thus, the Model United Nations at Tamagawa Academy gives students the place where they can obtain a broad point of view, sense of purpose, and enrich their communication skills.