“Tamagawa Gakuen Super Global Leaders 48” award

March 7, 2019

During the graduation ceremony for Tamagawa Gakuen High School, the top eight achieving 12th graders of “the Tamagawa Gakuen Super Global Leaders 48”, who achieved particularly excellent results in the SGH Project were commended.


The Tamagawa Gakuen SGH Project has a point based certification system called “Tamagawa Super Global Leaders 48 (SGL 48)”. Tamagawa students are given points according to the number of SGH activities they participated in.

The top eight scoring students were awarded the Tamagawa Gakuen Super Global Leader 48 Award.


The students came to the stage all achieved excellent results in their exams and club activities received a certificate with a bright smile as they bite the joy of the year’s effort and results.



“When I became the chairperson for the Model United Nations, I did not feel I was doing well and I felt anxiety and confusion. However, with the support of my teacher and seniors, I was able to feel more successful. I found out what I am good at and what I am not good at.”
“I became more confident in discussions in English. The Tamagawa SGH program was an environment that helped grow my own ‘seed’ in my heart.”
“I was interested in the world’s refugee problems, so I took a test at a university where I could learn about them. I’m going to keep learning about refugees in university as well.”

The voices of the students who spoke while looking back on the SGH project were bright and confident and filled with hope for the future.


“I have been working on the SGH program and really believe in the students,” said Ms. Hamano, who has worked planning and managing activities as a SGH director.

“High school is a time when you worry about a lot of things. The instructors we invited has been building their careers by believing in themselves and being active on the international stage, but they used to feel lost just like the students. There are Students who are thinking about how to express their opinions while participating in the Model United Nations and how to ask questions directly to the instructors in the Global Career Course. As such, many students developed a bigger character by participating in the SGH activities
I think that the experience of being able to believe in yourselves will give the power to overcome challenges even if you run into walls. I makes me glad if the students believe in themselves and have a chance to find their future career path.”


The ceremony was a bright moment for the students who have been supported by teachers and exploring for a ‘global career’. The efforts put forth in the Tamagawa Gakuen SGH project remain even after the project ended.