Telling their thoughts in “Practical English”

December 19, 2018

In late December when Christmas moods drift, a “Recitation Contest” was held. In the contest, the students presented English literary works and famous speech which they memorize.
Representatives were selected from the 10th graders and 11th graders who practiced the recitations as part of their English lesson.


“I want the students to be able to use English naturally after touching “Practical English” through reading aloud, and I hope the students who present in English will have a confidence and other students who listen to it will become interested in learning English more.”

Since the contest, which started with the feelings of such a teacher of English department, counted five times this year, it became a regular event at this time of the year.


On this day, students from volunteers actively participated as management staff and supported the contest early in the morning with reception and construction etc.


” When I was at school, I had the native teachers watch my speach at my lunch break and after school. And when I was at home, I had my mother watch it too.”
The students carefully confirmed to the end so that they can demonstrate the results that have been prepared for about two months.
They waited for the start of the contest with a tense look.


On time, the curtain of the “recitation contest” finally opened.

Tenth students who first appeared in the relay form, eight people recited one scene of “Alice in Wonderland”.
Background slides were created by all 10th grade students in cooperation. They did a better performance with illustrations with a story as a motif.



The students made a unique presentation. For example, a student gestured while playing with a characters and another stuedent acted humorously the multiplication of “false sea turtle” and “griffon” by using the whole body.

The students enjoyed expressing the stories including a plenty of “verbal play”.



In the following 11th grade “Speeches recitation department”, eleven pupils challenged the recitation of modern-day famous speech such as Nelson Mandela, Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Emma Watson.



Judge’s native teacher also watched at the performance of each student earnestly and carefully.


The students performed in a real way while expressing the actual speech movement and tempo and put their strenggh into their speaches in order to present a message that they wanted to tell many people.



“I could grasp what Mother Teresa wanted to tell, and then thought that I wanted to disseminate to the world with the same feeling as her.”
“I tried to understand properly the meaning of Malala Yousafzai’s speech and practiced to tell everyone”

The students looked back at what they learned and gained in the process so far and felt a sense of accomplishment.


The students in the IB course participated as Presentation Division rather than as a recital.

They gave a presentation that they summarized by thinking on themes like “smartphone addiction” and “what I want to tell now”. They fascinated the audiences by presentations that demonstrated their full English ability.



All the programs were finished and the awards were given by the students who performed excellent performances.

The facial expressions of the students who received the certificate of commendation and supplementary prize shine with a fresh smile. All students who presented are full of fulfillment from the whole body.



Students put their thoughts on the messages in their selected sentences and gave them powerfully to the audience.

Facing many times with a difficulty expressing the words of English and speech, they got the confidence that they acquired “Practical English” and outgoing power that can be used in various future scenes from now on.